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About That Fitness Bloke

After seeing most of my gym friends drop off their fitness routine and lifestyle I knew I had to do something for parents who struggled with the time factor of staying fit and healthy. This is why I put together the Fast Fix Fitness program. It allows really busy people to save time and maximize results. It also takes the guess work out of losing weight and what to do about it.

As a father of a very active 4 year old and a business owner and trainer of 27 years I am highly motivated in passing on my extensive knowledge to help people find the key to a balanced, fit and healthy lifestyle.


Home of the 30 min Workout

My purpose built studio, is located in the Sydney suburb of Croydon. Set in a private location just a stones throw away from the Strand, PLC and other public schools in the area. For those who use public transportation, it is a very short walk from Croydon Station and there are bus stops located at both ends of the street.

Why Do You Need Me For Fitness & Weight Loss?

If you are very busy juggling work life, family life and have trouble keeping your health and fitness in check, I am the bloke for you. Not only will my training sessions get you fit quick, but my diet and lifestyle programs will get you healthier, leaner and feeling awesome, in no time at all.

My Man Shake Transformation

Find out more about how The Man Shake helped me with my health and weight loss endeavours at the link below.

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So if you are interested act fast. Contact me today asking me when you can start as my sessions are filling by the day. I look forward to hearing from you.

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