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The fast fix fitness program is the ultimate program for busy mum’s and dad’s who want to lose weight, become fit, strong and healthy in less than 10 weeks.

Why should I choose this program over others?

If you want to save up to $1200 on market value training services, as well as gain the best results possible in the least time. My 27 year experience as a trainer and expertise in dealing with real life health and fitness for mums and dads, will help me cater the program to suit your needs.

What is in the program?

The full program comes with;

✔ 4 weekly one on one fast fix fitness training sessions

✔ 2 Free home workout programs

✔ Free 52 HIIT Workouts Ebook

✔ Free Fat Loss Portion Control System

Thats a saving of $1200 on market value training services anywhere else for the same products.

How long do your training sessions go for?

I ask people to make available 30-40 mins of their time. Most people are finished and walking out the door (feeling fantastic) within that period.

What times do you run your training.

Its best to call or email me. My sessions are strictly by appointment only.


Simply go to my contact page and send me an email, telling me you want to fix your fitness fast.

Can I bring my children or my partner to watch me

As much as I love the little ones and l really enjoy help sharing and motivating your family, my studio policy is strictly one on one. This will help you stay focussed and safe within your session.

Do you have parking?

Yes. Steet parking is available right out the front.

How far is the closest public transport.

3 minute walk to Liverpool road or Georges River road for buses. An easy 10 minute walk to Croydon train station.