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The Fast Fix Fitness Program

The fast fix fitness program allows busy people to lose weight, become fitter and stronger plus feel amazing in just 10 weeks. I have designed this program based on the consultation and application of scientific evidence. This program uses a minimum dose method to achieve maximum results to support individuals, like yourself, to:

✔ Burn fat

✔ Build and shape muscle

✔ Become so much fitter and stronger

✔ Feel absolutely amazing in just 10 short weeks

The full program comes with;

✔ 4 weekly personalised fast fix fitness personal training sessions.

✔ 2 FREE home workouts you can do by yourself.

✔ 1 FREE fat loss portion control meal template system to help you drop the centimetres fast.

✔ A saving of $1200 on market value personal training services

For suitable prices and variables to the fast fix fitness program, please contact me for a FREE consultation and trial personal training session

All of my other programs are carefully put together from the extensive knowledge and expertise which I have gathered over my 27 year tenure as a coach and trainer. I pride myself on bettering the health and fitness of those who can commit to change for the better. I also strive to educate each participant on the simple nuances that pull together a core-curriculum of strength training, weight loss, fat loss and general health and fitness.

Other health and fitness programs include:

✔ Weight loss and nutrition consults, both for busy professionals and parents who find it hard to lose weight and eat healthy.

✔ Shared strength training sessions for individuals that want to cut costs on training budget but still keep a commitment to their health and fitness.

✔ Intro sessions for first time and curious customers who are interested in personal training.



Fat Loss Nutrition Consultation

An extensive one on one workshop for busy people who want to take their body composition goals to the next level. In 90 minutes I help calculate calorie and macronutrient targets in aid of losing fat from those stubborn areas that people always struggle with, via normal exercise and diet.

If your number one goal is fat loss, its best that you purchase this consultation. This allows me to not only set you an individual calorie control eating but also gives you tailored information and education on the following:

✔ Acknowledging calorie control

✔ Understanding how a calorie deficit allows you to lose weight

✔ Learning about macronutrients and why they are important

✔ How to work on certain nuances that speed up or slow down weight loss

✔ How to break plateaus.

✔ How to combat hunger and cravings.

✔ Behaviour and environment issues.